Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The BEECHWOOD Organization sues Shorehaven homeowner

  • Claims that telling the truth about the Beechwood Organizations past
    misdeeds and transgressions against the Shorehaven
    community to Harbour Pointe @ Shorehaven homeowner is libelous

It appears that Beechwood, as the entity that controls: the HPS Condominium 3, the HPS Condominium 4 and the Harbour Pointe at Shorehaven Homeowners Association 2 (11 two family homes); has convinced the independent Harbour Pointe at Shorehaven Homeowners Association 1 (74 two family homes) to join them in a frivolous lawsuit that seeks to dismantle the signed June 16, 2009 settlement agreement reached as a result of our 2008 arbitration proceedings.

The Beechwood Organization has also filed a defamation lawsuit against an individual Shorehaven Board member. The HPS Condominium 4 resident Board member initiated contact with the Shorehaven Board President on March 24, 2010. The defamation countersuit cites portions of only a single email, from a series of several dozen private emails between the HPS Condominium 4 resident Board member and the Shorehaven Board President, over past four months. The emails from the Shorehaven Board President truthfully recounted the numerous transgressions and inappropriate self help methods perpetrated against the Shorehaven Condominium community by The Beechwood
Organization over the past seven years.

The counter suit puzzles the Board, especially since it was the HPS Condominium 4 resident Board member who initiated the email communications with the Shorehaven Board, against the written objections of The Beechwood Organization , sent via a TCM [the HPS Condominium managing agent] memo we might add.

The Board is also perplexed as to how the HPS Condominium 4 Board can be a party to this countersuit, when the elected HPS Condominium 4 resident Board member has circulated a petition citing Beechwood’s failure to fulfill their marketing promises. The resident HPS Condo 4 Board member has informed the Shorehaven Board of the HPS Condo 4 homeowners’ intentions to seek assistance from the NYS Office of the Attorney General . As well as advising of their intentions to file a lawsuit against the Beechwood Organization., for grievances related to the numerous
unfulfilled marketing promises Beechwood made to the HPS Condominium 4 residents.

One can only wonder how Beechwood intends to successfully market and sell the new homes they plan to build on the north side of Soundview Ave, given their deleterious actions towards the SHOREHAVEN and Harbour Pointe at Shorehaven communities.

But more importantly what Harbour Pointe at Shorehaven homeowner will Beechwood sue when the HPS Condo owners disclose the truth about Beechwood’s falsehoods to prospective home purchasers in the future?

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